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What is Vastu Shastra and its Origin ?

Vastu is a science that traces its origins to ancient India and deals with buildings and architecture. This pure scientific method helps in identifying congenial settings and (MORE)
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A Short Overview of Urban Park Design

During the 19th and 20th century, the concept of urban park designed was developed as cities became more urbanized. Urban planning design was heavily influenced by the theorie (MORE)
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Great Exterior Color Schemes for Your House

If you are tired of your house looking like every other house on the block, then it may be time to paint. Don't stick to the usual dull exterior colors. Instead, choose a colo (MORE)
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Popular Stucco House Colors

Stucco is a decorative coating similar to plaster that is often applied to house exteriors, sometimes to hide less attractive building components such as cinder blocks or dryw (MORE)
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Try It Before You Apply It: Online Paint Simulators

If you are thinking about painting, you might have some apprehension. Committing to a color is a big decision in and of itself. Not to mention that paint is expensive, and the (MORE)