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The Prague Astronomical Clock

Many times, what we known of the ancient world is told through writings rather than physical evidence. Time can cause irreversible deterioration of historical structures, like the famed Lighthouse of Alexandria, but others find ways to survive throughout history. The Prague Astronomical Clock is an example of such a piece of history, and it continues to be a landmark in its city. This article will describe the key elements that make up the history and structure of this legendary example of medieval design....(more)

Excellent Gift Ideas for the Architect in Your Life

As anyone who has ever lived with an architect can likely tell you, finding the perfect gift for that person an be very difficult. Generally speaking, architects are well-paid, and often have many of the things they need, or that make them happy. Except, that is, for the cool gift ideas on this list. If you're looking for the perfect gift for an architect, look no further....(more)

Pictures of Marble Accents in a House

Marble accents in a house create an elegant aesthetic. The smooth texture and random patterns add to any decor. Clean and sleek, this natural stone is becoming more popular in homes to accentuate beauty and style. Below are several fine examples of houses with marble accents....(more)

Roof Shingle Types and Colors

There are different types of roofing shingles. These different roofing shingles come in a variety of colors. Some colors are preferred due to warmer or colder climates, while others are chosen due to personal preference. The roof shingle colors should match the house to a certain extent so as not to become clashing in any manner. The colors range from light to dark and have different meanings behind the importance of certain types of colors of roof shingle colors....(more)


American-Inspired Architectural Design: Definition of House Styles in the US

Unless you are an architecture expert in American houses, it will be quite a challenge to know, much less fully understand the definition of, the more than 80 American house designs. The good news is that you do not necessarily need to be familiar with most of it if you are on the lookout for a new house, looking for a style for your own dream house, or are planning to dabble in the real estate business. Whether you are out to buy or build a new house or out to purchase and flip a few properties, being familiar with at least five house types is usually enough. This is because most of the designs of the more than 80 house types are closely related to one another, with subtle variations in the designs. Here are some of the most common houses in American architecture and the definition for each...(more)

Some Facts About the Beechwood Mansion in Newport, R.I.

The Beechwood Mansion is a historical estate that is located on Bellevue Avenue in Newport, R.I. Once the home of New York merchant Daniel Parrish, this lavish estate was known for years as Newport's only living history museum. The home has been preserved to keep its 1891 charm, and was open to the public for tours, weddings, and other social events up until 2010. The residence has since been purchased by Oracle founder Larry Ellison. Even though the home is no longer open to the public, it is still a pleasant reminder of Newport's past....(more)

What are Gargoyles?

Have you ever seen a photograph of an old European cathedral and wondered why some have ugly stone creatures perched all over them? Perhaps, you have even seen some of those cathedrals in person and wondered the same thing. You may have heard that those stone creatures are called "gargoyles." However, exactly what are gargoyles? Read on to learn why various architects and builders of magnificent cathedrals decided to put these grotesque creatures on their balconies and building tops....(more)

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Sears' Mail-Order Houses: The Modern Homes Program, 1908-1940

During the first half of the 20th century, Sears didn't just sell home goods and furnishing; it also sold entire houses for over 30 years. Sears' mail-order house program was known as the Modern Homes Program. As a customer, you would have selected house plans and interiors from a catalog or designed your own, and then sent payment to Sears. Sears shipped a complete house kit to the home site, where you would have assembled it. Sears' Modern Homes were relatively affordable due to their reliance on cutting-edge construction techniques and the vertical integration of parts production, meaning Sears owned all the factories that together produced the one product, a new house. Read on for more information about Sears' mail-order houses....(more)