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Education and Career

The Pros and Cons of Becoming an Architect

Architecture is a rewarding career choice for many people with certain abilities and interests. However, it does require a blend of qualities that at first thought may seem contradictory. Success in the field of architecture requires a great deal of creativity. A person needs the ability to envision buildings and structures in order to design architectural plans, a skill that requires a particular type of dreamer. However, an architect must also be extremely focused and detail-oriented to carry out those plans successfully. These are qualities not found in abundance in some highly creative people....(more)

Rankings: Best U.S. Schools for a Bachelor of Architecture Degree

Most people who want to become an architect must complete at least a Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch) degree, although each state sets its own requirements. In addition to the schooling, most students must do an internship and pass an examination. Therefore, the first step in becoming an architect is going to school. These schools enjoy the top architecture school rankings in the United States....(more)

Top Accredited Colleges for Online Architecture Courses

Looking for top accredited colleges to study Architecture online? Many courses are available from colleges offering Associate, Bachelor and Master levels of degree programs. Find architecture courses online from great schools at the following links....(more)

Facts About the Professional Degree Offered at Taliesin School of Architecture

The Taliesin Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture offers a professional masters of architecture degree. Because the school is located in two separate locations, Scottsdale, Ariz., and Spring Green, Wis., students spend half the year in one place and half the year in the other. The Taliesin School is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and School's Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and the National Architecture Accrediting Board. Read on to learn more about this education institution....(more)


How to Hire an Architect

Building your own home or office can be both challenging and overwhelming. In the process, you may decide to seek the help of an architect. Architects are trained to not only plan and design buildings but oversee their construction as well. Hiring a person who designs homes for a living offers a level of expertise many home builders find invaluable. If you're not sure how to hire an architect, just follow the steps below. Hiring a professional to assist in the process will likely bring you great peace of mind as you build your dream space....(more)

Popular Home Design and Home Planning Software

Designing a dream house sounds fun, but in reality it is a daunting task. Unless you are a professional, you probably have no idea how to put the ideas in your head into a format that architects and contractors understand. Use this list of popular house plan software to start turning good ideas into better plans....(more)

LEED Architect Information

LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is a concept in American building design, promoted by the United States Green Building Council. Architects can design certified LEED buildings, but certification is not necessary in order to implement energy efficiency in building design. For those who wish to hire architects to design green buildings for their firms or homes, choosing whether or not to pursue LEED certification requires some consideration....(more)

Cost of Materials

Primary Costs Associated With Building a New Home

Building a new home is expensive regardless of what type of home you are constructing or in what area of the country you build. Certain primary costs are always going to be present. Here are some of the basic expenses that you need to think about when you are planning to construct a new house....(more)

Calculating the Cost of Building a House

So, you've found the perfect place where you want to live, and you have the means to build a house. Costs to build a house are important, because even if you have deep pockets for this project, contractors can find ways to make project budgets go up considerably. The good news is that there are ways to calculate the cost yourself, so you can go into meetings with your building professionals knowing the right questions to ask -- and when you are being taken for a ride....(more)

Save Money with Architectural Salvage Yards

Whether you are building new or renovating, materials can cost more than a pretty penny. What people do not realize is that money can be saved by looking for materials at architectural salvage yards. These facilities specialize in hard-to-find building materials as well. Sourcing materials from them also has other benefits for the buyer and the environment....(more)